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A critically important component of EIG operations is the support system for startup ventures that helps them prepare and present business plans for consideration for funding. Support staff are volunteers who perform this function. They also are skilled at providing the analytical and operational support needed for funded ventures to sustain their businesses.

EIG depends heavily on these volunteers to help build the skills and capabilities often needed by many startup ventures. To ensure that volunteers are prepared to carry out their tasks, EIG provides online training in areas of business plan development, due diligence performance, strategy development and implementation, and in other areas.

All support staff are required to complete a one hour online orientation workshop. Participants are introduced to the general management consulting approach that EIG uses in all of its work. They are also given an introduction to some of the tools and methods used by EIG to monitor its performance.

EIG has established a program for recognizing and awarding the contributions made by support staff. In partnership with the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought (ICIT), a Certificate of Completion is issued to each workshop participant who completes all the required activities. For those whose contributions to supporting startup ventures are of high merit, the program offers a Global Community Service Award.

Support staff are expected to spend, on average, one to three hours per week in carrying out their responsibilities. To learn more, please review the Support Staff Agreement. Candidates can complete the agreement and email it to Support.

Additional documents relevant to the work performed by support staff include the Due Diligence Checklist and Acceptance Criteria.

About Us

Enabling Investment Group invests in people and their business ideas. In addition to investing money, we invest in enabling them to develop the skills they need to make their startup ventures as successful as possible. Our approach is to provide training for using tools and methods that have been proven to help organizations perform more effectively. We have a special interest in working with small business scale startups who are often ignored by most investors.

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