EIG consists of individuals who operate as a group of investors that is interested in equity financing privately held companies or ventures typically in an early stage of development. A contribution of at least $100 US dollars to the investment fund is required. No elements of usury are involved.

Among the most valued attributes of candidate investors is patience and the willingness to actively work with startup ventures to help them achieve success. For example, investors must perform due diligence by studying business plans submitted by ventures, and help with negotiating investments along with mentoring, coaching, and assisting funded ventures to build strong support networks.

Investors are expected to spend, on average, one to three hours per week in carrying out their responsibilities. To learn more, please review the Membership Agreement and the Operating Agreement. Candidate investors can complete the Membership Agreement and email it to Support.

Additional documents relevant to the work performed by investors include the Due Diligence Checklist, Acceptance Criteria, and the Term Sheet.

Sponsor Partners

Sponsor Partners are those who want to make a capital investment in startup ventures but don’t have time to mentor them and help build strong support networks. Instead, they sponsor young aspiring investors who want to learn how to make smart investments and how to provide the management support startups need.

Persons who want to become Sponsor Partners need to complete the Sponsor Partner Agreement and email it to Support.

A minimum of $100 US dollars is required to sponsor a young investor. The amount invested is deposited in the Enabling Investment Group investment fund on behalf of the person who is sponsored. This person becomes a partner who participates in online training sessions to learn how to perform all the duties expected of a partner, including evaluating business plans and conducting due diligence.

Training starts with learning how to assist startup ventures in preparing and presenting business plans. This includes using the Due Diligence Checklist document to guide startups in preparing all the information required by EIG. It also includes using the Acceptance Criteria document to help startups in positioning themselves for maximum consideration for funding.

Additionally, young investors receive training in learning how to help startups improve their performance. The approach involves using an online system where teams made up of startup business owners and staff as well as EIG support staff and investors work together to achieve business objectives.

Want to be selected as a young investor who is sponsored? Send your request to Support. There is a $10 yearly fee for receiving the training if you are selected.

About Us

Enabling Investment Group invests in people and their business ideas. In addition to investing money, we invest in enabling them to develop the skills they need to make their startup ventures as successful as possible. Our approach is to provide training for using tools and methods that have been proven to help organizations perform more effectively. We have a special interest in working with small business scale startups who are often ignored by most investors.

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