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Featured startup - LearnON IT Academy


Digital skills training is in high demand, especially in Africa. Look no farther than at what Google is trying to do: train one million people in one year.


To be able to accomplish this, clearly the size of the market must be enormous. It suggests that there are many opportunities to provide custom training to the right customer segment. That's where LearnON IT Academy comes into the conversation.


LearnON IT Academy


Maryam Maishanu is the owner and principal operator of the academy. Her vision is to provide digital skills training designed to satisfy the large, underserved market in northeast Nigeria.


She explains, "There is a huge untapped potential for computer training and services within Bauchi [northeast Nigeria] and its environs. And this potential is not limited to Government alone as several institutions and businesses appreciate and adopt ICT [Information and Communications Technologies training] in leaps. This is evident in the increased budget allocation and investment in ICT made by businesses."




Maryam's initial approach was to create training partnerships with major industry leaders and also provide certifications for professional courses. But this could not be achieved mostly because of not having the resources to accurately identify the target market and develop the needed marketing content.


Now she has decided to concentrate on the wide range of customers who need broad digital skills training. This includes training for Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, and related products and services. With this new emphasis, marketing efforts become a lot less resource intensive since many more customers meet the entry level requirements.




It also means that LearnON IT Academy will be able to offer more flexible training schedules. Customers can start their training on any day without having to wait for other customers to sign up and begin their sessions. This will result in more efficient use of the academy's resources while allowing it to serve more customers over time.


Maryam expects the combination of these changes to significantly boost their bottom line earnings. The EIG agrees.



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