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Can we truly

make a


Do we invest in the world we're in?

Or the one we must build?

He it is who has sent forth His Apostle

with the [task of spreading] guidance

and the deen of truth, to the end that He

may cause it to prevail over all [false]

systems of life -- however hateful this

may be to those who ascribe divinity/

authority to any beside Allah.

Qur'an 9:33


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Enabling Investment Group invests in people and their business ideas. In addition to investing money, we invest in enabling them to develop the skills they need to make their startup ventures as successful as possible.


Our approach is to provide training for using tools and methods that have been proven to help organizations perform more effectively. We have a special interest in working with small business scale startups who are often ignored by most investors. Learn more >


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